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Whether you are a fine art collector, someone studying sculpture, someone looking to purchase a figurative bronze nudes, someone who occasionally finds a particular purchase irresistible, or an interested observer, please enjoy the "she" of "her" shape and character in this series. It is undeniable that the female form is delicious like cream, allow this to be so and become immersed in the beauty of the women in the "First Women Series."

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Beyond Jazz - Bronze Sculpture of Woman, Nude by Eleanor Seeley
Beyond Jazz ...

Music and dance are to her a braided assemblage of loves – she uses her body as a paintbrush to illustrate her fusion with the sounds.

Height: 28" Width: 10" Depth: 12"


Freedom - Bronze Sculpture of Woman, Nude by Eleanor Seeley
Freedom ...

Offers her ageless expression in dance – leaving hesitation behind, like the forgotten debris of a celebratory feast.

Height: 28" Width: 12" Depth: 15"



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