Art collectors, buy sculptures of women, bronze nudes, nude female figure, female form in bronze. Bronze or resin

A woman's body is a landscape of forms embodying valleys, mountains and rivers. However, that is only to speak to the profile of woman, her theater of movements and gestures. Combine all of this with her often-unfathomable demeanor, and the result is a mystery. That mystery is disclosed to the willing observer in moments of perceptual experience.

Eleanor Seeley's invitation awaits your willingness to participate in her sculptures without notions of artistic style, and without a tour guide informing the moment.

Seeley's works are simply sculptural artscapes of the female form, designed to allow you to be absorbed in the genuine delight of "Women". They bring forth an equanimity that simply goes to the heart.

"Eleanor Seeley's Women are here and they are truly beautiful in their realization. They speak with a poetic grace that reminds one of great lyrical music, of Liszt or Chopin. Her 'Women' are a wonder to discover the endless flow of energy and balance."

James J. Lloyd Sculpture Instructor, University of Pennsylvania, 1973 - 1986

First Women Series

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