Eleanor Seeley, American Master Sculptor, creator of unique bronze embodiments of the female form

A master artist who creates uniquely exhilirating sculptor, Eleanor Nanci Seeley was born in the State of Wisconsin in 1941.

Eleanor's mother was the strongest influence in her early life, presenting her with challenges that would help her learn to design, build, repair, and explore her creative potential by employing a host of materials and artistic processes. She did not offer her children patterns or instructions, just some basic admonitions and the freedom to explore.

Given this free hand to learn, Eleanor's artistic expression became focused in a variety of mediums, and reaching adulthood, she completed a Masters degree in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin and went on to teach for many years.

When she was sixty, after a lifetime of "making art," Eleanor turned seriously to the task of creating sculpture. Her passion for art and her love for dance combined, as she began her "Women" Series. She studied anatomy, worked with models and sculpted continuously until her work was fully mature.

During these years, she developed an affinity for the Renaissance that came to the foreground when she studied the works of Michelangelo, Bernini, Artemesia Genteleschi and Carravagio, all remarkable artists with extraordinary abilities to define the human form. Then she rounded out her studies with turn of the century artists, such as Maillol, Rodin and Gaston Lachaise.

Their influence is apparent in all the works presented on this website in her gallery pages, as is the influence of Eastern Art and the writings and personal advice of her Spiritual Teacher Adi Da Samraj.


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